Teddy Bear Cove

Monday, July 12, 2021

Daytime! After the relative failure of capturing bioluminescence the previous Saturday, I just brought the camera on one of my favorite hikes. This allowed me to be more playful with the camera. The photos I captured sort of came as they happened. When I took photos of bugs on the water, I adjusted the shutter speed to capture them in time. When a train passed me by the water, I closed the aperture to allow for a greater depth of field. When focusing on the foreground of seaweed, I opened the aperture to blur the island in the background.

wide, stream in foreground, in a forest

closeup, plans next to stream

waterbugs causing little reflections on waters surface

feet pics

looking up through the forest canopy

shimmers on the water from a small trickle in a brook

a small pond formed in the stream

During this entire shoot, I was reminded of something Nate told me: “The zoom on a prime lens is your feet.” This refers to my lens’s constant 50mm of focal length (or zoom). This means I had to position myself to capture the frame I wanted. This added to the fun of exploring the stream and woods around me, even though I was already familiar with this place.

These next two shots are of a strange painting I found in the woods.

Then, after my hike, I continued down the coast on my motorcycle.

The biggest lesson learned was that: aperture priority of f1.8 can have mixed results. The shot of the starfish had too narrow a depth of field.