Weekend on the Water pt.2

Thursday, September 2, 2021

After returning from my staff trip on Thursday night, I immediately picked up my roommates for a little less-than-pg fun. We started by parking just off Boulevard Park and having some drinks. During that time I shot some portraits of all of them. These photos were a lesson in light metering. I’ve found that I would rather underexpose a subject’s face to capture the texture of the clouds rather than have a perfectly lit subject and lose the sky completely. Aliza, Miguel, and Miles all did a fantastic job posing for these pictures.

Then Aliza took the camera and got some photos of Miguel, Miles and I on the bow.

After enough goofing off, we cruised down to Chuckanut Island and parked in my favorite cove, nestled into the rock side. We climbed up the small cliff and sat overlooking the Southern San Juan Islands as the sunset.