Weekend on the Water

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Following my second summer working at the Community Boating Center in Bellingham, the director, Bryan, decided to take the staff on a weekend camping trip to Lummi Island. The original plan was for everyone to take a boat from CBC and have someone in the safety boat we use for rentals take things like the camp stove and food. That weekend, my dad’s boat was available to use. So I trailered it up from Bainbridge Island to use for the week. In return for a parking spot at the marina, I used my boat as the chase boat for the camping trip. So on a Wednesday morning, we left Harris Bay and headed west.

The group took mainly kayaks, but Bryan and Sara took a single RS Quest. Upon arriving at the beach on Lummi Island, we unpacked our gear and realized we had time before sunset. With this extra time, we decided to circumnavigate Lummi Island on the motorboat as it was the only boat we could all fit in.

We stopped at Lummi Rocks to see the sea life. At the time I only had my 28-70mm and my 50mm lenses, so there are no sea life photos, but some great ones of Emily pointing them out. Throughout the evening, Anna and I traded the camera back and forth, taking photos. That’s why I’m in some of the frames.

The following morning we left to try wakeboarding on a kitesurf board we had brought while the midday wind hadn’t rolled in. Everyone climbed onto the boat in wetsuits and lifejackets ready to be dragged behind the boat.

After lunch and wakeboarding, we headed back to the Boating Center. During the trip, Sara had brought her dog, Tilly, and Tilly did not like being on the kayaks or sailboats, so she spent the trip with me in the chase boat. During the return trip, she was incredibly photogenic.