Whole Wide World

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Moving to Seattle was exhausting, I began moving my items in the weeks leading up by taking things whenever I visited my mom in her apartment. Her apartment was a few floors below mine in the same building. Then in one trip with my dad’s pickup truck I brought down my bed and furniture. I was officially a resident of Seattle. Although I had grown up just a ferry ride away from my new home it still felt new and uncertain.

The first few weeks I didn’t have time to go take photos because of work. But with my newfound employment and income I bought a new lens! I got a Tamron 20mm f2.8 from Glazers Camera Store. I wanted to take more photos of landscapes and the new city I lived in.

The first use the lens got was on a fishing trip with my dad to the Yakima River Canyon. I captured shots from a new tripod in the passenger seat and of the suspension bridge across the river.