San Juans RC

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Another trip to the San Juan islands! With GC headed to Hong Kong at the end of the summer for his master’s program he was trying to make the most of his time. Julia invited us out to Orcas Island to be mark set for a J80 regatta. He picked me up on a friday after work. On our way we stopped and got the legendary $1.50 Costco hot dog.

After leaving our car in Anacortez, we walked on the ferry to Orcas. That night we stayed on Julia’s boat in the v birth, it rained all night and we were relieved to see it stopped in the morning, but the grey clouds stayed all morning.

Our host, Julia…

That afternoon the skies cleared and Julia rewarded our good work with unrestricted access to the small whaler we had been driving all day. We headed to Skull Rock, on recommendation from her, and the wildflowers on the small island were in full bloom.

At this point I convinced GC to lay in the wildflowers for the “ultimate tinder pic”.

After curing our hangover the next morning, we set back out setting marks on the whaler. Sunday was far sunnier and windier, we actually had to set a race course. This was also the trip I realized I needed to learn to clean my camera sensor.

After racing concluded in the early afternoon we decided to borrow Julia’s subaru and drive to the top of Mount Constitution. GC had been recently binge-watching Netflix’s Drive to Survive and had embraced his inner Formula 1 driver and raced up the small switchbacks on the drive up.

At the top we went to the top of the lookout tower and saw an amazing view of all the islands.

On the drive down we stopped to take photos at a pull out.