New York, New York

Monday, June 6, 2022

After a long spring of my new job, I took my first real vacation. Although it was technically my grand-uncle’s funeral, I used the time before the funeral to visit my friend Amber in Brooklyn. She was honestly the greatest host ever, everyday she showed me around the city. But it was the perfect balance of aimless wandering and sightseeing. And getting to meet her roommate Greta was also fun, the three of us had so much fun bar hopping all over Manhattan.

One of the places we spent the most time was at a park just on the over side of the Brooklyn Bridge (I think), we went there twice, once during the day, and then again at night.

Amber and I visited the lower east side and saw little italy, and it was everything I remembered from my childhood, except being dragged around from memory to memory. The majority of my extended family had lived some part of their life in New York.

That night Amber and I went out to a small bar near her apartment and while we were there a huge thunder storm rolled in and we had to run thorough a down pour to get back to her apartment.

The following day Amber had to go to work at a little coffee shop in her neighborhood. I took the morning to go see Little Island, which was honestly quite a disappointment.

I then skated all the way to central park in the bike lanes. It was honestly one of the pest parts of the trip, I think I saw more of life in New York skateboarding through lower Manhattan than at any other point.

Once I got to Central Park I tried to find the quietest spot possible.

Later that day I met back up with Amber and Greta for some bar hopping.

I then handed the camera over to Amber. If I ever end up with a camera body I need to get rid of, it will next-day mailed to Amber in New York, she takes so many photos on her phone.

We then continued into Greenwich Village.

On my last day I walked the High Line.

I am extremely thankful to Amber and Greta for sharing their home. I really needed the mental break from work and my personal life.