The Baker Express

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Another Motorcycle! Oh my!

I purchased my sixth motorcycle, a Royal Enfield Interceptor in ‘Baker Express’ red/white. So I fittingly took it up to the Mount Baker ski base. I went up to Bellingham on a Friday Night and met up with Nate, Colbi, and Aliza. Colbi had just bought her first bike, a Ninja 250, which I rode down I-5 after she purchased it without a license. And Nate had just purchased his 2019 Indian FTR. So it was shaping up to be a great day, with clear blue skies and new motorcycles. I also brought my camera with me to take action shots and I took all the photos I had always wanted of this route. The twisty mountain road of 542 leading up to the ski base was an absolute joy to ride. In the summer, after the snow melts, there’s a final road up to a parking area called artists point. That final section is any motorcyclist photographer’s dream. I perched myself on a hair pin with Mount Shucksun in the background, taking photos of the group as they rode by.

Colbi, mid-morning coffee.

Nate and his bike, next to my Interceptor 650.

Colbi on a borrowed CBR 500R.

Aliza on a borrowed CBR 650R, goofin’.

I returned to Seattle the same day and was happy I had gotten so many miles on my new bike.