A Saliba Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 26, 2022

The best way to celebrate thanksgiving is con Cape Cod with my family. We ate lobsters for thanksgiving dinner and it was perfect.

While we were there I saw a lot of the people my parents were friends with and I saw my mom returning back to the place she grew up. It was really interesting to see her connection to that place. She had the aura about her I cannot really describe.

One of the bets parts was the walk our family has always done around the beach at the end of the road my grandparents live on. Walking through the low-lying marsh and hoping over small creeks was a core memory of my childhood on the Cape.

This rock my cousins and I have always referred to as “whale rock” due to it’s likeness of a beached whale. We would climb it when we went to the beach and I will never forget the feeling of power standing on top of it as a kid.

The last morning there we went out for sunrise at the public beach and all took photos together. Maybe you can tell we were all exhausted.